Cup Size

The measurement of cup size
Measurement of breast cup size is based on measurement of the chest circumference above the breasts and immediately below them. The two measurements are then used to calculate an estimated breast cup size along with the chest measurement itself. However, the presence of ptosis (droopiness of the breast tissue) makes this measurement even more inaccurate and most high-street shop assistants will advise you based more on experience than mathematics

Prediction of cup size after breast enlargement
The subjective nature of breast cup size measurement means that for the same breast volume, cup sizes will be different in women of different height and body frames. This also means that prediction of cup size following surgery may not always be easy to estimate accurately. In the case of breast enlargements the prediction of size will be carefully considered when you visit Mr Grover for a consultation and you will get the opportunity to wear trial implants in a special bra to simulate the result of your surgery so you have some idea of the outcome. Despite this being only an artificial method, it can make patients appreciate how they would look after breast enlargement surgery and help you choose what size will suit best.

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