Breast Screening

Breast screening after breast enlargement surgery using implants.
Accurate mammograms can still be performed after breast enlargement even though implants are opaque to x rays. Under normal circumstances breast screening is performed with one separate x ray on each breast. In order to compensate for the presence of a breast implant a special manoeuvre (Eklund) has been developed to allow the breast tissue to be x-rayed around the implant by assessing it in two directions instead of only one. This allows accurate mammography without loss of accuracy compared to women without implants. However you must inform the radiographer that you have implants in order that they can do this for you at the time of having a mammogram.

Breast screening after breast reduction or uplift surgery.
Breast reduction and breast uplift surgery do create scars within the breast tissue, and these can be seen on X-Rays (mammograms) or ultrasound. However, the appearance of surgical scars is different from the appearance of early breast cancer and so the accuracy of detection is not reduced.

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