Operating on someone’s face is the ultimate trust

– Rajiv Grover


Rajiv Grover is an experienced Plastic Surgeon educated in London and Harvard specialising exclusively in Deep Plane Facelifting and Facial Surgery. He is a former President of The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) and is passionate about his work on the face and passionate about his interest in people.

Making a significant and worthwhile improvement in a natural way

BUT keeping your face still looking like you

AND as if it was never touched.

– Rajiv Grover


Facelift surgery is a rapidly evolving field. Rajiv Grover has had an outward looking approach over the last two decades actively contributing to the Science and Safety of Facelift Surgery as well as the wider spheres of Facelift Artistry and Facelift Psychology.

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Unique Facelift Approach

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Face & Neck Lift Journey

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Facelift Recovery

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Facelift Safety & Risks

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Facelift Reviews

Turning Facelift Surgery into

Artistry into Confidence

– Rajiv Grover

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After studying the original manuscripts of Leonardo da Vinci in the Louvre, Rajiv discovered that Leonardo defined natural beauty as the sum of three virtues – youth, femininity, and elegance; characterised by contour, definition, and silhouette. Leonardo called this ‘the formula for the feminine eternal.’ Rajiv adapted Leonardo’s formula to improve the results of Deep Plane Facelift Surgery for which he was awarded a Guggenheim Professorship at The Louvre in Paris.

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Facelift Surgery is as much about improving confidence and self-esteem as enhancing looks. Compassion and a personal approach are Rajiv’s tools for translating the physical change of surgery into the power of confidence. Rajiv collaborated in Rome and Oxford with Franca Sozzani, the Editor of Italian Vogue, to highlight and improve the benefits of facial surgery in restoring the confidence of the girl within.

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Facelift Surgery should be evidence based and not dictated by the hype of press or social media. Rajiv has a passion for innovation and research reflected in a 20 year history of scientific publications improving the safety, outcome, and recovery from Facelift Surgery. Rajiv explores the science of facelift surgery through the lens of original research he has published over the past two decades – what he calls “Faceology”.

The magic of Rajiv’s surgery recreated the face

I wanted to see in the mirror and reflected how I felt inside

- Fiona Golfar Editor at Large British VOGUE and Facelift Patient of Rajiv Grover.