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Facelift surgery is a rapidly evolving field. Rajiv Grover has had an outward looking approach over the last two decades actively contributing to the Science and Safety of Facelift Surgery as well as the wider spheres of Facelift Artistry and Facelift Psychology.

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Leonardo da Vinci described the face as ageing primarily by a change in shape as the deeper tissues (SMAS) move downwards and forwards with time. The Deep Plane Facelift differs from normal facelifting because the SMAS is first released from its underlying attachments which allows it to move more freely, more effectively and without tension. This gives a softer and more natural appearance to the face.

Before and After of Patient who underwent Deep Plane Face and neck lifting with Rajiv Grover.


Ageing of the upper and lower eyelids gives the appearance of tiredness and eye bags. This is normally due to a combination of loose skin and protrusion of underlying fat. The operation of eyelid reduction (Blepharoplasty) addresses these two issues by removing surplus skin and removing the fat responsible for eye bags. This reduces the appearance of tiredness and rejuvenates the upper face.


The Eyebrow frames the eye, and its position can convey happiness and surprise or sadness and tiredness. Repositioning the brow and forehead gives an open appearance and fresh look to the upper third of the face which are characteristics of youth and beauty. The procedure for rejuvenation of the forehead and eyebrows is known as a brow lift and can often be performed with keyhole surgery to avoid visible scars.