The best facelift surgeon in the UK

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Specialist in Facelift Surgery

Rajiv Grover is a well-established Consultant Plastic Surgeon educated in London and Harvard who specialises exclusively in Deep Plane Facelifting and Facial surgery. He is the former President of The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) and is passionate about his work on the face and passionate about his interest in people. He believes that taking a focussed approach significantly improves the outcome for his facelift patients. Safety is a major priority and Rajiv operates in two of London’s Premier Private hospitals both of which are renowned for providing medical services to the Royal Family.

RCS new building 2021

The Royal College of Surgeons where Rajiv Grover was appointed a Hunterian Professor and is the Former President of BAAPS.


Rajiv is on the Specialist Register of the GMC for Plastic Surgery and has performed over 2,000 Facelifts during his 20 year Consultant career. He specialises in performing Deep Plane Facelift and Deep Plane Neck surgery. He has spent two decades developing and publishing techniques in the scientific literature to enhance the safety and outcome of facelifting – what he refers to as ‘Faceology’. In recognition of his work Rajiv has been appointed as a Hunterian Professor at the Royal College of Surgeons.

facelift patient before surgery with Rajiv Groverfacelift patient after surgery with Rajiv Grover

Before and After of Patient who underwent Deep Plane Face and neck lifting with Rajiv Grover.


Rajiv believes artistry is the key to helping patients look their natural best and avoiding signs of surgery. After studying the original manuscripts of Leonardo da Vinci in the Louvre, Rajiv discovered that Leonardo defined natural beauty as the sum of three virtues – youth, femininity, and elegance; characterised by contour, definition, and silhouette. Leonardo called this ‘the formula for the feminine eternal’. Rajiv has applied Leonardo’s formula to the technique of Deep Plane facelifting to help restore natural beauty. For his uniquely artistic approach to facelift surgery, Rajiv was awarded a Guggenheim Professorship at the Louvre in Paris. Personalising each facelift so it still looks like you is equally important. Rajiv addresses this by using younger photographs of his patients as a roadmap to guide surgery, a concept known as “Facelift Couture” which he presented in collaboration with Alexander McQueen in Paris.

Rajiv’s research facility at The Louvre

Rajiv’s research at The Louvre led him to adapt Leonardo da Vinci’s “formula for the feminine eternal” to the practice of modern facelifting


Patients requesting facelift surgery seek improvements in confidence and self-esteem as much as physical change. Rajiv’s approach is personal, compassionate, and honest. He enjoys looking after his patients individually from beginning to end without delegating any of the surgery or aftercare. Compassion and a personal approach are his tools for translating the physical change of surgery into the power of confidence. Rajiv has collaborated in Rome and Oxford with Franca Sozzani, the Editor in Chief of Italian Vogue to highlight and improve the benefits of facial surgery in restoring the confidence of the girl within.

Fiona Golfar The Times May 2020

Rajiv’s skill and experience rejuvenates your cheeks, jawline, and neck; but his artistry and compassion bring beauty and confidence back to your face.

– Fiona Golfar Editor at Large British VOGUE for 30 years and Facelift Patient of Rajiv Grover.