A boutique clinic specialising in Facelift Surgery,

blending artistry with compassion

- TATLER magazine

Clinic staff of the best London facelift surgeon Rajivgrover

Situated in a listed townhouse on London’s Harley Street, Mr Grover’s consulting rooms are discreet, relaxed and offer state-of-the-art facilities for patient consultations, medical photography and post-operative care including non-surgical treatments. The clinic is specifically designed as a boutique to blend facelifting with wellbeing which is essential for the process of turning the physical change of surgery into the power of confidence. 

Rajiv’s staff are hand-picked for their compassion and sensitivity. He has a close team and has never had a member of staff stay with him for less than 8 years and his longest standing team member stayed 18 years. They look forward to welcoming you to the practice and along with Mr Grover are on hand to help and support you through the facelift journey every step of the way. Post-operative care and non-surgical treatments for maintenance of your facelift are performed by Mr Grover himself as he likes to look after patients individually rather than delegate this to a nurse.

Safety is essential for good patient care, so Mr Grover only performs surgical procedures in fully equipped private hospitals with the most up to date multidisciplinary facilities. He operates at The London Clinic and The King Edward VII Hospital where he has been appointed as a Consultant Plastic Surgeon. Both Hospitals are located adjacent to Harley Street and are walking distance from Mr Grover’s practice. They are world renowned for their reputation in patient care and as the private hospitals to the Royal Family.

Mr Grover has a regular team in the operating theatre with whom he has worked with for over 15 years. There is no doubt that focus allows a surgeon to work better and having a regular team in the theatre who know exactly what he is doing and how he likes it done allows him to make you the centre of his full attention.

Where operations are carried out under general anaesthesia, an experienced Consultant Anaesthetist is an integral member of the team. Rajiv works specifically with Anaesthetist Dr Raman Verma who is a Consultant at University College Hospital in London and also a tutor for the Royal College of Anaesthetists. He is highly experienced in techniques of anaesthesia for Facial Plastic Surgery, and he has worked with Rajiv for over 20 years.