Consultation Fee

Your initial consultation will consist of a review of your medical history, clinical examination and a full discussion of your particular expectations and concerns. The nature of any proposed treatment will be explained in detail including the procedure itself, recovery time and anticipated result along with any potential risks of the operation. The consultation fee is payable after your appointment and can be made by either cheque or cash. The fee also covers further preoperative visits should you require more information before considering surgery.

Surgical Fees

Most cosmetic surgical procedures are not covered by health insurance (such as BUPA or PPP etc.). A detailed quote of the total cost will be given to you after your initial consultation so that you are aware of all the costs involved before deciding on surgery. This will include a surgical fee covering all routine post operative care and visits, an anaesthetic fee as well as the hospital “package price”. The hospital package price will be a fixed price for the stated length of stay.

For those surgical procedures that are covered by health insurance (usually Reconstructive Plastic Surgery for skin cancer only) Mr Grover practices within the limits of the major insurance companies. It is your responsibility to ensure that your policy will cover the cost of the proposed procedure and you are advised to contact your insurance company before the operation.


Settlement of surgical and anaesthetic fees for procedures not covered by insurance (i.e. cosmetic surgery) is requested three weeks in advance of your operation date and can be made by either cheque or cash. For lengthy surgical procedures a deposit may be required to secure your operation date if it is booked well in advance. Should you cancel your operation with less than three weeks notice there will be a cancellation fee.

Hospital accounts should be settled on the day of admission and the King Edward VII accepts a wide range of credit cards as well as personal cheques and cash. Following surgery the hospital may make an additional charge for some take home medicines as well as any x-rays or blood tests that you may have required during your stay.

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