Safety is probably the most important consideration when undertaking any form of cosmetic surgery. Mr Grover will provide you with a friendly and honest opinion regarding your suitability for surgery both in terms of your medical safety and any surgical risks associated with the procedure. If he feels that the risks out way the benefits he will suggest that surgery may not be in your best interest. Particular attention is also given to safe anaesthesia which is always performed by one of Mr Grover's two regular Consultant Anaesthetists.

Mr Grover has a particular interest in improving safety following cosmetic surgery and in 2004 he was invited to sit on the council of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) with responsibility for the UK national audit of cosmetic surgery and safety performed through the Royal College of Surgeons.

He has published over 50 articles and book chapters in the international literature including papers in the UK and USA on improving safety and enhancing outcome after cosmetic surgery. Papers relevant to improving safety are listed below:

A statistical review of 1,078 consecutive facelifts: Lessons for the prevention of complications following rhytidectomy
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Improving the outcome of breast augmentation: A retrospective review of 200 patients with analysis of final symmetry and lessons for reducing risk.
Rajiv Grover.
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Facial injection of Restylane SubQ for aesthetic contouring of the cheeks, chin and mandible
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Optimizing treatment outcome with Restylane SubQ: the role of patient selection, technique and counselling
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